Book Report On Farewell To Manzanar

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Jeanne Wakatsuki wrote a sorrowful novel entitled Farewell to Manzanar. It is about her experience at the internment camp for Japanese and Japanese-Americans during World War II. Jeanne and her family were relocated in Manzanar for their protection but it turns to the burdensome situation when they came in that camp. Roosevelt implemented an order which empowers the War Department to remove Japanese people contemplated being risky to Government. Papa got sober all the time and changed cultural, physical, and intrapersonal after the War. Although Papa changed, he will look back to the past that he will never forget in the internment camp. First, When Japanese attacks Pearl Harbor, Papa burn all the things that related to Japan including his…show more content…
They never getting tired caring for him and loving him because they are a family that will stick together no matter what the challenges that they were facing. To tell the truth, there are more to life than being sad and feel lonely in this world. Finally, Papa drinks less and he is going back to his old self again. He has changed intrapersonally because he is back to his old self again. Everyone is happy when Papa started to go out and talk to his family again. I’m happy too because he chooses what is best for him and what is best for his family despite all the problems that they faced at Manzanar. The camp started to close down. The happiness fades away just like bubbles because his other children are leaving the camp but Papa doesn’t want to leave since he doesn’t have anything to go to. He decided that his two young children and Mama including himself will wait until they arrange a day for them to moved out. Before their scheduled day, he leaves the camp to buy a sedan and told his family they’ll be leaving early by car. I salute Papa for all the sacrifices that he made for his family. This book taught us that family is the best and happiest moment that will ever happen to our
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