Book Report On Night By Elie Wiesel

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Hitler killed and tortured many innocent people, and gained a following known as the Nazis. World War II lasted six years in Europe, however many people didn’t anything about it for years. Today people have technology and can communicate with others in a matter of seconds. However in 1939 this technology was not available and that lead to people being in the dark to what really was happening. I think the world didn’t do anything because they were scared and thought it was unbelievable or because they didn’t know in the first place.
During WWII many thought the idea of the holocaust was impossible and crazy. In the book “Night” by Elie Wiesel, Moshe the beadle was deported before the rest of the Sighet Jews. Moshe the beadle somehow escapes the concentration camp and returns to warn the Sighet community about the horrible things the Nazis were doing. The community thought he was insane and took him for a lunatic. Elie and the community could not accept the holocaust because they were scared it might actually be happening. Moshe the beadle tried to help them and save them, but they pushed him away and told him he was a lunatic. Sometimes people do …show more content…

When Shlomo tried not to worry about their situation, everyone followed his lead. All Shlomo wanted was to keep the community calm and to not make things worse. Leaders like Shlomo usually try not to panic because if he panics then everyone panics. Shlomo convinced the community to stay quiet about the holocaust when they should not be. He may have thought that it was not truly real, and that people should not be concerned over something that probably won’t happen to them. Maybe he thought that since he has never heard of the Nazis before, it’s not a big deal, or the chances are probably slim for the Nazis to take them. I am sure Shlomo just wanted to protect the community, but bad things were happening and they didn’t do anything about

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