Book Report On Night By Elie Wiesel

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The memoir Night captures the horrors of Elie Wiesel, a Jewish Holocaust survivor. In this beautifully crafted, riveting, and unforgettable book, the true meaning behind inhumanity becomes clear as Elie and his father are in a extremely cruel journey. The book depicts how awful conditions were and how they had to adapt to their environment to even have the slightest chance of survival. In the WWII era (1941-1945) times were difficult and most places involved with WWII were put in a state of economic depression, even more so in certain parts close to axis powers. There were 12 countries in WWII and they all spend ridiculous amounts of money for the war effort, as a result jobs that had to do with manufacturing things and others were shifted to producing war goods. Countries like Germany started hiring people people to work for the war effort and help with the manufacturing of goods. Soon they noticed a trend of poor Jewish families offering their work, that's when all the deportations began, quote “Strip!Fast!Los! Was all Elie could think as he was nearing the departure from his siblings. …show more content…

The travel to Auschwitz was 2 days. It is estimated that fifteen of the twenty million casualties occurred in all the Nazis concentration camps. Some of the people that were fortunate enough to live were temporarily held as prisoners until liberation and or death. If people were fit to work, they were among the lucky ones, if not they were likely to be sent to the crematories or put in the gas chambers. Fortunate for Elie and his father with a bit of lying survival skills, they were sent to the side deemed fit and able to work until almost the end of their

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