Book Report On Night Elie Wiesel

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The Holocaust is a genocide that killed about six million Jews that started in January 1933 and lasted until May 1945. Many families were taken from their homes and put on cattle wagons, they were brought to various concentration camps like Auschwitz, Buchenwald and Buna. In the memoir, Night Elie Wiesel’s family is taken out of Sighet for a year and a half, with the struggle of living each day but luckily he survived. All were put through harsh conditions like being starved for days by not receiving all rations of the meals and only given a small portion of bread and soup. At these camps everyone was forced to march, if you fell behind or got weak you would be beaten or killed. Seeing the new environment can impact who you are as a person. Characters like Elie, Rabbi Eliahou’s son, and Moshe the Beadle have experienced a change of character throughout their journey. Elie was thirteen when him and his family were forced to leave their homes and begin the process of survival. His mom and sister were the first to separate from their family at the first stop then soon died after. Now it was just him and his father continuing their path, promising to stick together. When they stopped at Buchenwald, Elie had a self conflict. It was about him and his father, “...If only I…show more content…
Elie is thinking about Rabbi Eliahou’s son and the reasoning for his disappearance. He uses the word “encumbrance” which is an obstacle, “ free himself from an encumbrance which could lessen his own chance of survival.” Rabbi Eliahou’s son left him for his own needs and felt as if his father was an obstacle, only ruining his chance of survival. This entire time they were a team, but once Rabbi Eliahou starts feeling weak, his son goes off and forgets about
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