Book Report On Stroman

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- Sharmili lakshmanan In the chapter, frequent-flyer miles, Rais seems to be like more attached and had a great love to his mother. He also respect his religion and during this trip to mecca, that his life 's purpose pivoted from restless advancement to sacred errand. He realized, "brought me here to fill my heart with peace, forgiveness, and love for His creation."What that meant was not just forgiving Stroman but working to stop his execution. For Rais, saving the man who had tried to kill him was the first step in a grander, more messianic mission of trying to save his new country from itself. He had begun to believe that Stroman was a victim, part of a stratum of American society that had, in all the important ways, ground to a halt one generation after the next sinking into a hopeless cycle of poverty, drug and alcohol dependency, and toxic resentment. Stroman is living his last life in cell and awaited for his death. He knew that he is going to die but still not worried for that. He is in a brave manner to face anything that comes before him. The newcomers in stroman’s life could be little too credulous. Rais succeeded in his quest to save his attacker. It 's important to note that the suspense in…show more content…
The author is most interested in examining the viability of the American dream, in posing the question of whether the spreading metroplexic nowhere spaces
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