Book Report On The Diary Of Anne Frank

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Diary of Anne Frank Book Report
Alyssa Estrada 8A

The book “Diary of Anne Frank” is based on the life of a thirteen year old Jewish girl called Anne Frank. On 1942, she receives a diary as a present from her parents and starts writing her thoughts and opinions on it. She and seven others hide in a secret annex to avoid the Nazis during the World War II in Amsterdam. After two years they are discovered and sent to different concentration camps. The only one to survive was her father Otto, who then took her diary and had it published and it became famous all over the world. Anne describes everything in the annex through the story,it is narrated in first person point of view in a diary/journal entry way. For me the theme of the story is “Being positive may help you through tough times.”I know the theme of the story because Anne kept positive all along , and looked forward to after the war , she said “The world is going through a phase.” Although Anne’s life looks normal she suffered a lot because of the Nazis and having to live hidden from the world and her attitude helped her to carry her everyday life which is very inspiring. Anne Frank was born into a Jewish family on June 12,1929, Germany . When Anne turns 13 she receives a diary for her birthday present and she starts to write her thoughts and opinions. “The economic crisis, Hitler’s rise to power and growing antisemitism put an end to the family’s carefree life.”World War II was happening at the time, and Anne

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