Book Report: The Diary Of Anne Frank

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Book Report Ms. Peggy French English 10A December 17 2015 The Diary of Anne Frank Book Report “The Diary of Anne Frank” is a diary written by a young Jewish girl named Anne Frank. She wrote this diary while in hiding with her family during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. This diary, which was originally written in Dutch was translated into 60 languages. This 330-page book describes the life of Anne Frank during her hiding. The setting of the book was during world war one. Themes of identity and isolation are present in the book. In the beginning Anne’s diary talks about her life has a 13 year old teenager. It was on her 13th birthday that she got a diary. In her diary, she wrote about her friendships, crushes and her academic performance at school. Anne had an older sister named Margot, and they attended a Jewish school in Amsterdam. In this diary, the Franks moved to Netherlands from Germany because they feared prosecution. After the Germans invaded the Netherlands in 1940, the Franks, another family called the van Daans and Mr Russell hid in a small secret annex above Otto Frank’s, Anne’s father’s office. The employees of Otto’s office helped supplied the Franks with food, and information of the outside world. In this diary, Anne wrote a lot about her feelings. She would write about how she adored her father and how her mother lacked in love and affection. She did not write much about her sister Margot. In this dairy, Anne developed a strong bond with Peter
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