Book Reports For The Outsiders

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The book the Outsiders by S.E Hinton is a book about a lot of different themes and problems but one of them in particular is don't judge a book by its cover. The Outsiders is about different groups of different types of people. People might judge people by their looks because they just assume that they are "trashy". If you get to know them they might have a heart and not what you really think. The reason why this theme fits this book perfectly is because the socs and greasers are always fighting. At the beginning of the book some of the socs jumped Ponyboy. When they jumped him they said, "you want a hair cut greaser?" Greasers are called greasers because of their long greasy hair and live on the other end of town. They jumped him because he isn't a soc and his looks. If they all got to actually talk to each other then they would understand that they aren't so bad of people especially Ponyboy. Out of all of them Ponyboy has the biggest heart. Ponyboy is different from them, he doesn't like fighting and he isn't as rough as the other greasers. …show more content…

They were talking about their similarities and differences. Ponyboy likes to look at the sunsets and so does Cherry. Ponyboy and Cherry seemed to be getting along pretty well even though Cherry is a soc and Pony is a greaser. If they weren't so caught up on different gangs and groups they would all be friends. If they took time to actually talk to each other they wouldn't always be fighting to see who is better and who can beat up

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