Book Reports On Night By Elie Wiesel

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What a Time to be Alive “To forget a Holocaust is to kill twice”(Elie Wiesel). The book “Night” was published on 1956 and it was written by Elie Wiesel. This book was about a boy’s experience in the Holocaust. Throughout “Night” there are three moments that are incredibly powerful to focus on and understand to fully grasp the importance of this holocaust memoir. They show the reader how Moshe the Beadle told the news to the public, Also how the woman was yelling fire over and over, And how Elie’s dad died a few months before he got saved. One Scene that relates to Moshe the Beadle was how he gave the news to the jewish people about what happened in the forest. Moshe the Beadle worned many people of the experience he had when the Nazi’s took the foreigners, tortured and killed babies, and made people dig their own graves. “ Babies were thrown into the air and the machine gunners used them as targets”(5). This shows that the Nazi’s just wanted jewish people dead. This is important because it shows how jewish people were just treated like animals. The reason people should think about this is because it shows that the Nazi’s were trained to be cold blooded killers. In conclusion, Moshe the Beadle experience of near death could of help the public but no one believed him. …show more content…

She yelled fire many times as they get closer to the camp. They shut her up by hitting her many times but she kept saying it. “Jews, listen to me! I can see fire”(19). This shows that Madame Schachter could have seen the future. This is important because if the jewish people listened to her they should've known she was not lying. Readers should think about this because it brings up the question if her yelling was a coincidence or a view of the future? In conclusion, Madame Schachter could see the future but everyone in the train thought she was

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