Book Reports On Night By Elie Wiesel

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I’ll be talking about a book called “Night” it's about a jewish boy who goes threw the holocaust with his father. I will be talking about how food was a big part throughout the book and how they struggle to get it and how they use it to get thing or they give things to get it. In the beginning of the book it talks about how food is a big part but in the beginning it didn’t seem to hard in fact it talks about how each and every day they had bread and soup for the day. In the book it almost sounded easy to get it but it also talks about how they had to work to get the food they had. Luckily for Elie and his family in the ghetto his father was quite a big person or was very well known in the ghetto community. So this is an advantage because his family was able to get it easier because people would trade food to get advice from elie’s father. In the book it even talks about how Elie’s uncle had left to somewhere and his uncle had left food because it wasn’t needed. …show more content…

It first starts to become hard when elie’s family went to the concentration camp. But in the camp elie’s mother and sister ended up dieing because the Germans had no need for them and they germans weren't able to work them as hard. In the begining of them coming to the camp they were being fed quite well for being in a concentration camp at this time they were fed bread and soup for lunch and dinner but slowly through them being at the camp called “auschwitz” they were slowly being fed less and less portions so throughout it he was given just bread at one point in the middle then it went to just soup but the portions was littler and littler. In the book it talked about having a selection were the germans would pick the weak out of the strong . you would think this would give the living jews more food but in the case it is not true they were actually give less

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