Book Reports On Night By Elie Wiesel

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The estimated Jewish population in 1933 was nine million five hundred eight thousand three hundred and forty men women and children; the estimated Jewish survivors of the holocaust, three million five thousand forty six two hundred and eleven people total. Elie Wiesel, a holocaust survivor wrote an autobiography called Night, based off the tragic experiences he endured. The book tells of the sights, smells, and memories of a horrific time in history. The author,Elie, describes the life of a thirteen year old boy who struggles with the fear of losing his family and the fight to beat hunger. The violence experienced during this time is deeply developed over the course of the novel by Elie first hearing of the people’s struggles, then witnessing horrific acts and then is fully developed when Elie experiences violence first hand. The author and main character Elie lived a normal life in Sighet until Hitler’s rule began to effect his life. …show more content…

Forced to work in an electrical warehouse Elie made unwise choices. " I moved closer and had a glimpse of Idek and a young polish girl, half naked, on a straw mat. Now I understood why Idek refused to leave us in the camp. He moved one hundred prisoners so that he could cultivate with this girl! It struck me as terribly funny and I burst out laughing... just you wait kid...You will see what it costs you to leave your work... you'll pay for this later... and now go back to your place..." (56-57). Eli let his inner thoughts and curiosity lead him to trouble. Elie understood the violence of the experience when approached by Idek later. " I no longer felt anything except the lashes of the whip. One... two!... he was counting. He took his time between lashes. Only the first one really hurt."(40). Elie was tortured for something he saw on accident. This goes to show the people running the camps and in charge had no remorse or guilt for their

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