Book Reports On Night By Elie Wiesel

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The book “Night” was written by an author Elie Wiesel takes place in Europe in the 1940’s. This was during one of the most notorious worlds world wide called world war two. Just like every war many people died and were murdered and was also brought hard times, pain and suffering. The book takes us into the perspective of a little twelve year old boy in the Transylvanian town of sighet named Eliezer. One also important detail that brings all the hardships that come his way to him is the fact that he is part of an Orthodox Jewish family, which made him an enemy to the Germans during this time period. Eliezer and his family were punished because they were Jewish. Germans used the Jewish people as a scapegoat for many of the problems that were …show more content…

All they knew was that the ghetto where they were living in was being evacuated. “Their are rumors, my dad said, that we are being taken some place in Hungary to working in the brick factories. It looks that here, we are too close too the front.” (Wiesel 14). When Eliezer gets to the camp, him and his dad got separated from his mom and two sisters. Both Eliezer and his dad were sent to the workforce, where they tried to keep their health up so that they can continue working and not be killed. This task was very difficult because they were challenged with starvation, thirst and even abuse from the Germans. Eliezer’s father got ill and a few months before the British and Americans closed in on Germany his father died. Eliezer was now known as a concentration camp survivor one of the few but was never the same. He suffered with flashbacks and was still haunted by the violence, deaths, and cruelty he was exposed to during what is known now as the …show more content…

It's important to know our history so that it can be prevented from happening again. I learned a lot from this book and i think others would too if they read it. One thing that this book did for me is enforce my belief that no human is better than the other. Not based on intelligence, money, race, religion or even the last name of the human being. We are all people and we are all one humongous entire race and i strongly believe that their is no such thing as being better or more important than someone else. Another thing that i was taught from this book was that how such hatred for someone can bring out an inhumanity and people that should never be existing in our minds and hearts. That is why i think we should constantly have love for one another or even tolerate them but never have hatred because the things that come out of hate are inhumane. Most importantly, this book teaches us how the people were treated in during the Holocaust and the suffering hard times and trials that they went through just to

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