Book Reports On The Outsiders

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The Outsiders was published on April 24, 1967. The Outsiders the movie was released on March 25.1983. The author 's name is S. E. Hinton. She was born on July 22, 1950 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She found much joy in reading and writing, because Oklahoma did not have many activities for girls. So when she got older and was in highschool she wrote The Outsiders. She wrote this book because she thought the ‘girl meets boy’ stories were very monotonous. She wanted something more realistic. So she wrote The Outsiders. This book is based on two gangs and their rivalry. These gangs were called greasers and soc’s. The greasers were the lower middle class of society, and the Soc’s were the upper class of society. The story is seen through the eyes of one of…show more content…
Some similarities between the book and the movie are Pony, Johnny and, Two-Bit watch a movie with Cherry Valance and her friend. Then after the movie they start to walk home when cherry’s boyfriend and his friends come up behind them in his car. Other are when going to the church Pony and Johnny cut their hair, and Johnny bleaches Pony’s hair to disguise themselves. At the church Dally comes to pick them up to go out to eat and when they came back the church is on fire.Kids were stuck in the church while it was on fire, and they run in to save them. When pony starts to pick up one of the the kids they bit him. One last similarity is that the greasers and soc’s still have a rumble, and after the rumble Ponyboy is badly hurt. So Dally takes him to the hospital to get him treated, and so they can see Johnny before he dies. While on their way the get stopped by a policeman because they were speeding. Dally makes something up and tells the policeman that he saw Pony fall off his motorcycle and is taking him to the hospital. The policeman believes him and give him a police escort. The Outsiders book is better than the movie because the book goes into more detail than the movie does. The book is better, it tells everything in more detail and has more information on what they are saying and what is happening in the book. While in the movie it just runs through the story without going into much detail, because they don 't want to make the movie to long. I they did no one would
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