Book Review: Horrorstor, A Haunted House Story

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Amy is a disgruntled employee of Orsk, a furniture and home supplies superstore which is basically a cheap version of IKEA. She has just been transferred to Orsk branch in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. However, things have not been smooth in the Cuyahoga branch. Every morning employees found broken furniture and sales are down. Basil, the store manager, asked Amy and Ruth Anne, cashier at Orsk, to stay all night to figure out what's really happening at the store. When the overnight shift started, Amy and Ruth Anne found that they were not the only employees left at the store. It appeared that fellow employees Trinity and Matt were also staying to do some ghost hunting at the store. The night patrol started out okay until they tried opening the door that shouldn't be opened.
Before talking about the content of this book, let's talk about the packaging first. Horrorstör is cleverly designed as if it's a furniture and home supplies catalogue. They include a blueprint of the store's layout on the front flap of the book. They even include promo coupons and order form in the book as if it's a real catalogue. Each chapter is opened with an illustration of a product and its description. The product then becomes more sinister as we read on.
Horrorstor is a haunted house story set in a retail furniture store. When
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Hendrix’s writing style is also enjoyable to read. It’s funny and it seems like having fun while writing this book. The second half though, is where the horror truly begins. It’s creepy and surprisingly frightening. For a book marketed as a horror comedy, and after reading the first half of the book, I didn’t think that I would get that scared reading the rest of the book. What interested me is Hendrix managed to draw similarities between being trapped in a prison hell and trapped in a retail store. When you think about it, the parallel between the two is

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