Book Review: Horton Hears A Who

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When I was in elementary school, we had one huge project to dress up and recite facts about a famous person we picked. It filled up the entire gym and the rest of the grades came in and pressed a button to make us start taking, it was a lot like a wax museum! Anyways, I was Amelia Earhart and my best friend was Dr. Seuss and I learned so much about him that I went home and read every book by him that I owned. Dr. Seuss had an influenced on me because of his writing skills and ability to make me laugh.
One of the many books I cherish is “Horton Hears a Who,” because of the amazing massage to sends to children just learning to interact with each other. It teaches them that people are different in many ways and may have different view then themselves. The structure consists of Horton the
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The kangaroo, which saw all of this happen, doesn’t believe her eyes and tells Horton there couldn’t possibly by someone living on something so small, she couldn’t hear them so they weren’t real. We later find out that the spec has a whole town (Whoville) and the mayor needs help from Horton to save them from the bigger world. The kangaroo tries to get rid of the spec but is unsuccessful because Horton in committed to all Who’s in the town. If you have not read it, I encourage you to because it is a fun journey. There are countless messages in this book, all starting with the famous quote, “A person’s a person, no matter how small. (metaphor)” When Horton stands up to the kangaroo and states this, he shows compassion towards the Who’s and to never give up on something you believe is right (tone). He never gave up on them, even though he was getting bullied because he could hear someone when no one else could. Some other inspiring quotes that Horton explains, “Please don’t harm all my little folks, who have as much right to live as us bigger folks do,” and “I’ll stick by you small folks through thin and through
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