Book Review: John Milton, And Ideology, Paradise Lost

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Chapter three: A tyrannical god vs tyrannized satin 1. John Milton and ideology ,Paradise lost: synopsis A. John Milton: biography Though his masterpieces and great works, and his manifesting presence in both the literary and the political scenes, it is remarkably strange to not name John Milton as a celebrity among the most famous ones through history like William Shakespeare. We really know a little about his carrier as a man of letters and a stubborn politician, someone who gave his whole life defending his convictions and trying to be an active positive citizen through his writings. Adrian Kempton said that” it was customary practice to speak of Shakespeare and Milton in the same breath as being the two greatest poets in the language “ , but in reality the worldwide literary audience is familiar with the first and not the second name. To give homage to our man we start with his very early life. John Milton was born on December 9, 1608 in London, as the second out of the three children of Sir John Milton, a scrivener and a composer of church music, who was expelled by his father, Richard Milton, for reading the banned King James’ version of the Bible . Our writer lived a rich youth experiencing the pleasure of this kind of music in Church, but also inherited his father’s sense of challenge and will to know to any price. Sir Milton the father was of a comfortable financial estate which allowed to the little John to

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