Brief Summary Of 'Mercy Watson To The Rescue'

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1. Mercy Watson to the Rescue

This is the first book of Mercy Watson series. The book starts by introducing the Watson family with a unique porcine daughter named Mercy Watson. In this first book, Mercy Watson is scared to sleep by herself; therefore, she decides to sleep in her parents’ bed. While the Watson family is dreaming profoundly, they don’t hear the floor moan until the bed makes a whole on the floor. Mr. and Mrs. Watson saw Mercy skedaddled from bed thinking she was going to get help from the fire department; however, Mercy was escaping to search for the hot buttered toast she has been dreaming about.

2. Mercy Watson Goes for a Ride

Mercy Watson love car rides, yet not as much as she loves hot buttered toast. Mr. Watson loves to take Mercy Watson in his convertible for a car ride, so one Saturday afternoon Mr. Watson and Mercy Watson take the convertible on the road. It takes some convincing to get Mercy Watson out of the driver’s seat, but a promise of hot buttered toast waiting for her
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Mercy Watson Something Wonky This Way Comes

Mrs. Watson and Mr. Watson are excited to take Mercy to a drive-in movie theater where they will be watching a movie called “When Pigs Fly!”. They think the movie could be inspirational for Mercy; however, Mercy thinks its inspirational that the movie theater serves all you can eat buttered popcorn. Mr. Watson and Mrs. Watson head to the movie theater with the neighbors; Moreover, all the characters from previous books are also in the movie theater. As soon as they get step a wheel inside the movie theater, Mercy gets out of the convertible and starts running to find her buttered popcorn.

7. Louise, The Adventures of a Chicken.

Louise is a chicken who does nothing of what a chicken would do. Instead, Louise sets into an adventure to discover the world finding herself around pirates in the sea. You would think that Louise would be afraid; however, she is brave and fearless to become the heroine of the

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