Book Review Of Mickey Hangan's Code Of Honor

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Colton Galligos #5 Ms. Colman Language Arts 8I/8B 11/15/17 Truman novel essay Kamran Kamaran Smith is a senior in hHigh school who is on the football team, he has a great girlfriend, and is planning to go to the military academy. But suddenly everything changes when his brother Darius, is accused of being a terrorist. Kamran and a couple of other CIA agents go on a dangerous mission to save Darius from being used as a threat to the United Sstates. Many people believe that Kamran’s brother, Darius is actually a terrorist, but Kamran Kamaran helps prove those people wrong by saving his brother and thousands of lives. The three main characters in Code of Honor are Kamran, Darius, and Mickey Hangan. Kamran is Darius’s little brother who also…show more content…
Government Detention Center, where he is asked questions about his brother. After countless times explaining to the CIA agents that Darius wasn't a terrorist, and was being held hostage by aAl- Qqaeda, Kamran is ready to escape. Kamran plans out his escape, and successfully achieves it. After he escapes the detention center he is picked up by Mickey Hagan and a couple other special agents. The climax of the story Code of Honor is when Kamran and Darius are caught by terrorists and driven to the super Bowl, then put inside of a crate full of bombs. Darius and Kamran luckily escape from the bombs and warn the security guards to evacuate all the people out of the stadium. Soon after that, the bomb explodes but does not injure any of the fans because they evacuated the stadium. Kamran then captures the Black Widow who made Darius disobey his country, and had the plan to put a bomb in the Super Bowl stadium. In the end of the story Kamran and Darius end up saving thousand of people by telling the security guards to evacuate the stadium. CIA agents take Darius and question him, but Kamran gets to go home. Darius is proven innocent, and is asked to join Mickey Hagans CIA team, along with Kamran, who has to go to college before he can
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