Book Review Of The Book Thief

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Name Book Review
Book title : The Book Thief
Book author: Markus Zusak Publisher: Alfred A Knopf
Copyright date: 2005 Number of pages: 550
I would classify this genre (type) of fiction as: adventure, realistic fiction, romance, mystery, detective, historical, science fiction, fantasy, drama, other: Historical Fiction
The book is written in which point of view? It Switches from a first person and a closed third person point of view.
Who tells the story? The narrator of this story is Death.
How does the storyteller influence the way the story is told? Since it is narrated by death itself, the book follows a young girl who has witnessed many deaths.

What is the setting(s) of the story? They live in Molching, Germany during World War 2 Note both time and place.

Who is the protagonist? Liesel and Max What force does this character struggle against in this text? She struggles with loss and fear.

Explain how this character grows and changes over the course of the story/play. In the beginning of this story, Liesel is sort of depressed and she is defiant and reluctant to join the Hubermanns. However, by the end of the book, her life is filled with hope and the joy of being loved by a family.

Analyze this character’s personality traits citing evidence from the text.
Liesel is a bright young girl,almost 10 at the start of the book. She cannot read, although she wishes she could. She learns to read with her foster father. She is caring
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