Book Review Of The Dreadful Acts By Robert Cormier

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“The Dreadful Acts” Book Review on “After the First Death by Robert Cormier” I. Introduction Robert Edmund Cormier, born on 1925 in Massachusetts, United States, was a renowned columnist, reporter, and author. He was known for his ability to entice readers through his negative ideas of writing turn out events or in-short he is a pessimistic writer of a story. His famous writings are “I Am the Cheese”, “We All Fall Down”, “The Chocolate War” and of course “After the First Death”. The book “After the First Death” was published in the year 1979 by an American book publishing company called Pantheon Books. The book depicts about the story of violence, crime, drugs, thriller, and death. The story involves a group of terrorists that initiates a hostage taking to draw attention of the military to meet their demands of having enough money and to fulfill their agenda. A lot of people were involved with the terrorism, children are drugged and held hostage including the bus driver. It also came to the point in the scene were one of the Military’s son was involved. II. Summary Ben Marchand, the son of General Mark Marchand was waiting in the Castle in his room. He was waiting for his father’s arrival or visit to discuss some important matter. He’s feeling nervous that He was about to see his Father from the recent mission. He also feels he betrayed his Father, The Military, and his Country for the failure he did in the scene. While Ben was waiting, He recalls what happened from

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