Phoenix Mountain: A Short Story

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It's gone. Oh no. Ma will be incensed with me. It's so hard to obtain classic literature these days. What if she decides to cancel my freedom? She might make me stay on this wretched mountain, Unlikely, she cherishes me too much to do that, but if the government can disgrace my respected parents, then anything is possible. Phoenix Mountain, the name sounds so fantastical. The name suits the Cultural Revolution. In reality, the name befits my purpose here. I’m supposed to come out of here, as a different person, similar to how a phoenix is reborn. The atmosphere is very unlike the name, the society here is so archaic, someone like me shouldn’t be in a place like this. I deserve somewhere where I’m acknowledged. Somewhere where my talents can shine like fire. This mountain,…show more content…
What if they accidentally burn the books? What if manure gets on it? They don’t realize-oh perhaps that's why they took the books. They understand the value, how much people hunger for literature in these times. These days books are like currency. How stupid of me to be fooled so easily, with the falseness of their friendships! How could I be so blind to the hunger in their eyes? But what kind of hunger was it? It was so obvious, I should have been more prepared and did some more precautions. I don’t what to go back. No matter what I did, no one appreciated me. I took the risk, that I could get caught, by leaving my door unlocked. That didn’t work. It didn't matter if I worked hard, and was open, to the villagers I was an alien. Now they acknowledge with the respect I deserve, but that's because of mother’s influence. Now that I'm leaving I longer have to be paranoid. I'm happier than I even was. I've beat the odds of me being able to come home. They're lucky they're not animals otherwise, I would've treated them like that bull. Sadly the bull's tail is in the suitcase, hopefully, they understand the symbolism. My victory over this cruel system. My
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