Plagiarism In The ESL Classroom

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Plagiarism I first learned about plagiarism in my sixth grade class. The only reason this topic was covered is because a few of my classmates and I plagiarized our research papers. When we had a research paper assigned and I taught I would just do it the easy was so I just copy and pasted an article from Wikipedia and turned it in as my own work, I didn’t even change words or phrases around. I knew what I was doing is wrong but I just didn’t think my teacher would notice. So yes I can say I knew what plagiarism was but back then in elementary school we just used a different term for it; cheating. I define plagiarism as copying someone else’s work word to word and not giving then any credit. I believe that if I mention that the information that I was using is not my own work or idea then I shouldn’t be accused of plagiarism. With all said I who used to be an ESL student believe that the American River College plagiarism policy does not need any changing because even if someone doesn’t know what plagiarism is they still know what cheating and lying is. In the article “But I Changed Three words! Plagiarism in the ESL Classroom” authors Lenora C. Thompson and Portia G. Williams talk about a freshmen student by the…show more content…
In college is we plagiarize we may receive the following consequences as stated it the "Student Standards of Conduct guide"; failing grade, lowered grade, placed on disciplinary probation or suspension, or expelled from the college. If you use someone else's work out in the real world where you are no longer a student you can get sued for violation of copyright and lose a lot of money. Consequences of plagiarism can even sometimes end in termination from a job that you worked so hard to get. The American River Colleges Plagiarism policy benefits us by teaching to create our own thoughts and talk about information that we have learned in our own

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