Power Is A Curious Thing Analysis

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Chapter 1: Power is a Curious Thing I grew up as “the fat kid”. I also excelled at school. Take those two facts and put them together - it makes for one powerful bullying combination. As I grew up, there have been plenty of additional “reasons” someone thought they could use to bully me. The reasons are not that important. Even if you were the “leader of the pack” or “the cheerleader” and demonstrated socially-desirable behaviors which ticked all the right boxes, someone could have still found a reason to pick on you. Bullying is not about reason and logic. Bullying is about feelings. Regardless of the generally positive opinion I had about myself, many years had to pass so that I could discover that I was not only a victim. There were…show more content…
When you learn about pain and its association with power, or more aptly, with powerlessness, you have already reserved a chunk of the happiness from the bounty available to anyone who has a healthy relation to power. The choice of the name of this chapter is not made by accident. Power, indeed, is a curious thing, and only a man like Lord Varys, the famous Master of Whisperers from the legendary “Game of Thrones” can describe it with such an appropriate riddle as the one he gave to Tyrion Lannister. If you have watched the popular series, you may have noticed that Lord Varys is a master of skillful navigation for staying alive through multiple obstacles set by an array of bullies with very unhealthy, and more often than not, psychotic relation to power. I am not advocating “Game of Thrones” as the best example to get to the essence of bullying. Despite its cosmic popularity, I am affiliated with the unpopular opinion of staying as far from the series as possible. Particular episodes from season three were too much to swallow and ended my interest in the series once and for all. Nor do I think that Hollywood production or other mainstream filmmakers should be praised of the way bullying has been portrayed in the movies!Some of them have caused more damage than good, especially those that put bullying on the comic side of human…show more content…
Don’t let it prevent you from pointing fingers at bullies. Calling bullies for what they are is a strong counter-measure against the perpetual abusive technique, and one you should practice often when you need to tackle bullying behavior. On the other hand, popular Hollywood footage can give us many ideas of why are we living in the world of bullying when we see its harmfuls ways and the wound it produces. Regardless of so much civilized progress, people are still ill-equipped for dealing with their wounds and often resort to devious use of power. There is always hope and I wouldn’t have been writing this book if I didn’t see a way through. This book is about discovering and strengthening your own powers to make your life not only easier, but also to supply you with resourceful tools you can apply when you want to gain insight and manage the bullies in your life. Yes, even if the bully lies within yourself. As far as my life experience has shown so far, there is no person who is one-hundred percent immune against being a bully. I know that I carry the badge myself,
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