Book Review: 'The 3 Little Wolves And The Big Bad Pig'

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1. BICS/Social Language/SOLOM • SOLOM numerical results 1. Comprehension SOLOM number: 3 • For her comprehension level I scored Genesis a level 3 because she is a very smart girl and does not struggle to bad with comprehension, however there is room for improvements. When asked comprehension questions, she understands what is going on or what is being asked of her, but almost every time you ask her a question she hesitates and takes some time to answer. • For example, after reading a page in the book, “The 3 Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig,” Genesis was asked several questions based on the page read. She got some of the questions right, but it took some time and guidance. 2. Fluency SOLOM number: 2 • I gave Genesis a score of 2 for fluency because she is very hesitant when she speaks. She also has choppy sentences with incorrect grammar resulting in a low fluency score. • A specific example of this is when the class was in the lunchroom and I was having a conversation with Genesis. She was telling me about her strawberries that she packed, asking me if she could eat them. She was very quiet so I could hardly hear her and she said short quick sentences like, “I can eat this?” and “Thems my favorite.” I would often ask her to speak a little louder, however she would often speak softer. 3. Vocabulary SOLOM number: 3 • I gave Genesis a 3 for vocabulary because she works on vocabulary every day with her class. She is catching on, but during lessons she often does not use

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