Book Review: The Curious Case Of Binayak Sen

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Book Review: The Curious Case of Binayak Sen by Dilip D’Souza Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers India Ltd. Year: 2012 ISBN 9789350294864 By Geeta Garg, MPhil Research Scholar, IGIDR The curious case of Binayak Sen is a riveting account of the life of Binayak Sen from the eyes of Dilip D’Souza who uses his skills as both a writer and a journalist to draw readers to the case fabricated against him by the State and the Judicial System to convict him on the grounds of being a courier between the jailed naxal leader Narayan Sanyal and a businessman named Piyush Guha while he was only performing his duties as a public health specialist and a civil rights activist in rural India sentencing him to life imprisonment in May 2007. While the book revolves around the life of Binayak Sen, it is by no means aimed at portraying Binayak Sen as a ‘hero’ as the writer mentions in the Chapter – 1 of the book, “This is not to paint some glowing picture of heroism in action. That’s not a pursuit that interests me. Having met him, I know it doesn’t interest Sen either. But I do admire Sen for reaching a place few of us find in our lives: he makes a living doing what he wants, on his own terms, and as it turns out, it’s what he was trained to do. How many of us can say the same about ourselves? This is why it is worth making an effort to understand Sen.” Infact, the book captures how easy it for the state to harass anyone who is apathetic of the social issues in India, any person who wants to

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