Book Review: The Diary Of Anne Frank

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This book report is based on Anne Frank’s thoughts and feelings through her diary. Anne was a girl who live in Germany during Nazis World War II. When she turns 13 she received a diary from her parents as part of her birthday present. On this diary she started writing her daily life and adventures before things got bad. She and her family were Jewish people, so they needed to go into hiding because of the fact the jews were taken to concentration camps. Her family and others hid on her father´s office secret annex, so that they wouldn´t be found. Anne was a girl with a difficult life during this years, but she always kept a positive attitude, although she couldn´t even take her head out of the window or walk without been punished. After the war ended and they all died in the different concentration camps they were send, her dad, Otto…show more content…
Anne had her own way of thinking and expressing herself ,she sees the good side of things and stays positive. She was smart, she sees things maturely , she is positive because of how she looks forward to the future, she is brave. I would tell people to read this book , it helps you appreciate more all of the things that you do have, instead of wanting the things you don't , as Anne always did. Always remember "All things have an end to them,the world is just going through a phase”. I think its truly inspiring how the simple diary of a thirteen year old girl got to be such a great success and how the same girl can think about this situation just as an adult. In conclusion, The Diary of Anne Frank is an amazing book. From it I learned to always be positive and appreciate what I had. Anne is a girl who inspired me and many others to see thing in a different way and to take bad things with a good attitude. I will recommend this book to people because it is an amazing adventure! I also got so impressed on how she change lives by just writing on her diary. This book was an

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