The Fault In Our Stars: The Fault In Our Stars

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The fault in our stars

1. Hazel is a 17-year-old girl who likes to live in the present, she doesn't like to look back at her past or predict her future. She lives now and that’s all that matters. Her appearance is very depressing and her answer to that is” depression isn’t a side effect of cancer it's a side affect of dying.” She believes that people get a number of days and hers is a bit less than others. Augustus sees cancer as a metaphor and he uses a cigarette to demonstrate it. “You put the killing thing right between your teeth, but you don’t give it the power to do its killing.” He`s biggest fear is oblivion he wants to be remembered after his death. Isaac goes blind in the beginning of the book and there is a scene where he destroys all of Gus basketball trophies in the fear of being blind and never being able to se anything again. He thinks that cancer sucks. But they all have one thing in common they wont let cancer bet them.

We don’t know so much about their parent’s attitude towards cancer. We get to know that Gus parents is very motivated to keep him positive. They have putted up motivational words all over their house and they feel very blessed in the beginning of the book that Gus” beated” cancer. They also believe that having one leg isn’t the
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The book title is The fault in our stars and I think that the author wants to say that it wasn`t Hazels or Gus fault they got cancer it was in their fate. Something was wrong in their fate (stars). Also that we can`t decide if bad things happen to us they just do and in their case they got cancer. In the book does they also mention” my thoughts are stars I cannot fanthom into constellations”. Which Augustus writes in his letter to Peter van Houten. I think he wants to say that he has so many thoughts and so much he wants to do before he dies that he can’t get a clear picture of his life and life goals. Everything is just a big mess in his head and he needs to figure everything out before he pasts
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