An Analysis Of Nat Turner's Rebellion

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One of the events in the history of the anti-slavery fight in the United States that caused the highest number of fatalities was The Nat Turner Rebellion. It was a highly important event that has changed the course of American history and the slavery abolishment. The United States became an entirely other place than it would have been without the rebellion. Thus, there is no wonder that even literature covers this period and these events. The book The Fires of Jubilee written by Stephen B. Oates depicts the atmosphere of trouble and chaos resulting from Nat Turner's rebellion and tells a story of a man who was born as a slave to gain freedom. In this biographic work, the author truthfully captures the spirit of the beginning of 19th century with its anxieties and desires. Thus, this book presents a story of rebellion showing Nat…show more content…
Besides the understanding that he will never get free again, the main reason that caused him to rebel against slavery was the shock after his father's escape to the North and his mother's death. These events together with the fact that he has no right to his life contributed to Nat's visions and dreams that reassured him of the mission that was designed for him. Thus, he waited for a next sign, and once a black spot appeared on the sun in 1831, Nat considered it as a signal to kill all white people which resulted in the bloodiest and most violent revolt of slaves. The book ended with the death of many people, both slaves and whites, whose blood color was the same. In this way, the author shows to which extent the society and the rules existing in it cause its members to commit murders and to calmly perceive the designed division and how those principles might lead even to a person's
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