Ebola Virus In The Hot Zone

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My assigned book is the hot zone by Richard Preston, the book demonstrates about a highly contagious and lethal virus that is known as “Ebola virus” that is divided into two types the Ebola Zaire and the Ebola Sudan. The writer also mentioned about other filo viruses such as the Marburg virus and rabies. The hot zone book illustrates the origins of the virus and how it started to disperse from one person to another or from a region to another. And how epidemiologists, scientists and doctors discovered about the origin, structure, the effect on the body, symptoms that it can cause, treatment or cure and the nature of the pathogen. As well as several cases of different patients that had an experience of the disease without knowing the actual…show more content…
In response to the Ebola scare in 2014, many people evinced strong fear and xenophobia (Kim, 2016). Especially about the zombie-like symptoms of the virus. In addition how does the virus slowly kills the victim without even realizing that he’s suffering from Ebola virus by replicating and filling the body with crystallized viruses hence damaging the human cells just like a new living organism controls another’s body and killing it bit by bit. To exemplify my relatives used to live in kenya about 43 years ago they were surrounded by ill people that make them terrified and fearful of getting the highly contagious disease, therefore they left kenya and currently they live in the UAE. The most complicated part if you were surrounded by Ebola virus is to calm people down and instead of leaving the country finding beneficial solutions so that the virus won’t disperse from one country to another. Since Ebola virus was unknown previously the symptoms resembled many diseases such as malaria, marburg and rabies. So any individual would think that he or she might have eye infection due to the redness of the eye. Moreover, they might emerge into another country and spreading the disease due to the phobia or anxiety without having any clue. Instead of getting frightened and fearful the best solution is to encounter the disease and find possible solution to stop the
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