Book Review: The Ideal Team Player

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The Ideal Team Player is critical to have to in the everyday life a business or organization. As the book, The Ideal Team Player, explains how important it is to restore a cultural commitment to teamwork. With out team work in a business or organization, little progress would be made to help everyone grow in the work force. Also explained in the book it teaches the reader how to find the right team player to bring into the organization, in efforts to become as efficiently successful as possible. Its described that sometimes our culture tends to work against teamwork. Our culture is seen as being more isolated with some values and avoids true relational connections. For example, there are some individuals that are either entitled to themselves and…show more content…
Being a humble team player is critical to have within in organization for many reason. The lack of this trait could cause an unpopular ego or concerns of behavior. With this trait humble individuals are usually right on top of things and quick to respond to issues in efforts to help other first before themselves. The next important trait to have in a team setting is being ‘hungry for more’. Always looking for more gives the ability for a team player seek bigger and better contributions in efforts to prepare the best possible outcome. For the organization, a hungry team player is someone that is rarely pushed by there supervisor or manager to meet a certain dead line or to just work harder all together. Another obvious but important trait for individuals to obtain in a team setting is intelligence. Team players have to be smart to know what kind od group dynamics are going on and what are the most effective ways to work as a team. Ideally an intelligent team player is someone that has good judgment skills and contribute to discussions within the

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