Book Review: The Longest Ride By Nicholas Sparks

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Isabelle Dunnam Mr. Hyde P4 English Honors 4/6/16 “The Longest Ride” By Nicholas Sparks SETTING Sophia attends Wake Forest University which is where many events take place. The university is a big part of the novel because Sophia is in a sorority and lives in the house on campus. She shares a room with Marcia in the sorority house at wake forest is often where Luke comes to pick up Sophia to take her on her dates. Ira lived in Greensboro, North Carolina all his life. Greensboro is also the city that Ruth moved after leaving Vienna with her parents. Ira insists that his art auction takes place in Greensboro after his death. The auction ends up being in Greensboro after Ira was dead which Luke and Ruth attend. Luke buys the only piece of artwork that goes on auction that day, a portrait of Ruth. Collins Ranch is the ranch that Olivia inherited from her father. The ranch holds many memories and is extremely meaningful to Luke and Linda. Luke grew up on the ranch and was injured in a very tragic bull riding incident and could no longer pay the mortgage due to having to cover the medical payments. Linda steps in and pays the mortgage on the ranch even after Luke 's serious accident. The setting of the ranch is important because it shows how Linda is willing to do anything for Luke and how closely knit their relationship is. PLOT After a fatal car accident Ira is trying to stay conscious. He remembers the joy in the

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