Book Study: Awakening The Workplace

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Sarah Kang
Ms. deMoel
26 May 2016
Book Study: Awakening the Workplace
Sarah Cornally and Many More

The novel, Awakening the Workplace has multiple authors. Focusing on one author instead of highlighting them all, I selected Sarah Cornally. She graduated from the University of Sydney Cumberland College of Health Sciences as an Occupational Therapist. She excels in helping injured workers and getting them back on their feet. Sarah is a very skilled leader and her leadership experience includes being the president of the National Speakers Association of Australia, and also being the Chairman in various boards. Her job focuses on helping people create successful businesses. Sarah has received the Nevin Award for outstanding service in
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Whether it is in their family, their community, or at their work, quiet leaders love positivity. A quiet leader is someone who thinks first before they talk. They are not ego driven and speak out, and most of the time are cool, calm, and collected. As well, a quiet leader usually likes to take initiative and make sure things get done on time. People who have had a positive impact on you or others are considered quiet leaders. A key characteristic of a quiet leader is that they listen more than they talk, which is a very positive thing as people will feel as if their opinions matter, and that will make them feel good about themselves. Trust is built up within the group once everyone feels like they are being treated fairly, so even when something doesn’t go their way, they still have the reassurance that it was fair because of they way the leader listened. Often, quiet leaders show concern for others, for example, putting other people’s needs before theirs. Quiet leaders seem to appear as very strong leaders today. There are many pros and cons to being a quiet leader. Some negative effects would be that people can take advantage of them because they are shown as weak, too generous and naive. Most people do not take advantage of quiet leaders though because they are kind and humble, which is hard to be ignorant to. Overall, quiet leaders are role models and great influences to other
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