Book Summary: Catching Fire By Suzanne Collins

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What would you do if you were put into an arena with 23 other people, and were told to fight until the death? In the novel Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins, in the 74th annual hunger games Katniss and Peeta both won, but there was only supposed to be one victor. So President Snow felt that he was taken advantage of. He felt that both Katniss and Peeta tried to rig the games. All the districts didn’t fall for Katniss and Peeta's love for each other and neither did President Snow. Before Katniss and Peeta go on the victor's tour president snow had a chat with katniss telling her if he sees anymore rebellious stunts there will be harsh consequences. After the tour Katniss and Peeta felt it was best for them to get married to show the public eye what they wanted. Later the capital had a victors hunger games were…show more content…
Using this point of view, the reader gets to see Katniss’s perspective and emotions on what's going on. In the beginning of the novel, Katniss shows how she feels when being caught outside her district, “Calm Down, I order myself. It’s not as if this is the first time I've been caught outside of the district by an electrified fence.¨ (collins 150). This is showing her perspective on what happened with the electrified fence. If it was in third person, the narrator could have just said, Katniss was caught in an electrified fence. Instead, Katniss telling what happened to her, personally, shows more context and creates a better visual for the reader. In Panem the boundaries of every district are marked by electrified fences ,some invisible and some visible. When a person runs into one of these fences, he is shocked and thrown back from the force exerted from the electricity. Since the story is told in Katniss’s point of view you are emotionally connected to her and choice her side because you don’t get to see how the other characters
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