Book Summary: Ender's Impact

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Ender’s Impact “If you try and you lose then it isn’t your fault. But if you don’t try and we lose, then it’s all your fault.” In the second war against the buggers, also known as aliens, a lot of pressure rested on Ender Wiggins shoulders. During the first war, commander Mazer Rackham was able to defeat the buggers and keep them from destroying earth. In order to find the next Mazer, Col. Graff initiated a new military program. When Ender enters the program, he shows impressive skill and dodges each challenge that is thrown at him. In order to prepare for the second invasion, Ender trains under Mazer Rackham himself to become a commander of his own fleet. Ender ends up defeating the buggers and winning the second invasion, only to find out that the…show more content…
Ender then sets out on a journey to find a new home for the buggers where they can live in peace. The detail within the book, along with the greater influence placed on characters other than Ender within it, make the novel better than the movie. Three of the most important points in Ender’s game are how Ender was selected for battle school, how he overcame each challenge he faced as he tried to be moved up to command school, and how he tried to make things right at the end of the story with the bugger species. Ender’s parents were selected to have a third child, something that was not permitted by the government. His older brother and sister had shown promise in being selected to join the battle school and have a chance at participating in the second invasion. Neither of them quite made the cut, so the government
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