Short Story Of Hansel: A Necessary Evil

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One night, in the deep, dark forest, teeming with wild and ferocious animals, Hansel and Gretel were left alone by their father in the woods without knowing the reason. The siblings waited in the dark, cold and foggy forest. Then, they wandered in the dark forest because they couldn’t wait no longer until they found a colorful candy house. Hansel and Gretel rushed in front of the candy door and knocked to help them. They were so hungry that they could eat like a horse. So they ate some of the candy. The door opened alone, only to find a witch. The horrifying, ugly witch captured them. She caged Hansel, while Gretel was forced to prepare the oven. The witch forced Hansel to eat the…show more content…
Hansel and Gretel were skillful and quick-witted in hunting those foul creatures. Despite the success in hunting, the siblings faced a new challenge, where an extremely, powerful grand witch named Muriel, was known to be the culprit in abducting the poor and helpless children from the old, large city of Augsburg. The witch hunters also found out that the children that were kidnapped will be used in an ancient magical ceremony where they will be sacrificed on the night of the Blood Moon. They also knew that the witches need twelve children for the sacrifice, but since they already kidnapped eleven, they only need one left. Muriel attacked Augsburg along with her other witch. Hansel and Gretel fought the witches valiantly but failed to save the last child. Hansel flew out of town as he holds on the old, flying broom with the witch riding it. He then fell on the dark forest. Hansel was injured but thanks to Mina, a blonde- haired friend of Hansel, she healed…show more content…
They reunite in an abandoned old house where they found out that it was their home. Then Muriel arrives cunningl. She told a story about the loving parents of the siblings. She also stated that during a Blood Moon, there is a potion that can make you immune to fire. The key to the potion was the heart of a Grand White Witch, their mother. But she was too strong for the evil witches. So Muriel told the townsfolk of Augsburg that there’s a witch in a nearby house. So their father hid them in the deep dark forest. Adrianna, their mother, was then burnt and their father hanged. So it had to be Gretel’s heart to complete the potion. Then the witch hunters fought the Grand Witch, but Hansel was stabbed excruciatingly and fainted, then Gretel was kidnapped by Muriel, the evil Grand Witch. Hansel woke up and was healed by Mina, but Hansel then realized that she was a witch because his wound healed fast. But Mina corrected him that she was a good, white
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