Book Summary In Bryan Stevenson's 'Just Mercy'

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Just Mercy is well written and very engaging. It's a shocking indictment of the USA justice system's breakdown. This should be taught in schools. Most of us know our criminal justice system is broken; just how badly it is broken. This book was so enlightening and really gave a better insight coming from the author in storytelling to give you a true emotional feel, to give you a better cognitive analysis. Great book. May this change our Justice system and may the people revolt to push away for the system to be corrected. Everyone needs to read this for change in America. Are we really a free country in such a corrupt racial government system. Just Mercy is what we need, may the people win. This book is the memoir of a lawyer who has spent more 30 years representing people on death row and generally poor people whose treatment by the criminal justice system is egregious. This is a tough subject, but the Just Mercy makes for compelling reading : the storytelling is strong, making you itch to know what will happen next, even as you may dread it, because Stevensons clients so often get the short end of the stick. And the writing is clear and concise. It does an excellent job of raising awareness, bringing reader into contact with a system most American's never see. Bryan Stevenson deserves accolades for his extraordinary dedication, passion and commitment, and certainly this is a good book, but the astronomical average rating would have you believe it is one of the best book ever written.…show more content…
The cases in this book are astonishing in their mal-practice and unfairness, and Bryan Stevenson and EJI are doing everything they can with a limited budget to help overcome injustice in the deep South. Bryan Stevenson as a real life Atticus

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