An Analysis Of William Faulkner's The Rocking-Horse Winner

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“The Rocking-Horse Winner” arises in England in the 1920s. In the beginning of the story, we are brought into a woman named Hester who lives with her spouse, and her children in a lovely neighborhood. She is very bothered with motherhood and holds that she needs more money to keep up their luxurious lifestyle. The children feel their mother 's eager for more money as well. They can all hear the house whispering; “there must be more money!” But no one addressed the elephant in the room, no one actually said it out loud, that there has to be more money. One day, Paul, asks his mother why they don 't own a car like their uncle Oscar. She expounds that his father is unlucky and is not able to make as much money as their uncle Oscar. Paul says that…show more content…
She spends the five thousand pounds on worthless things like decorations. Though with all the money, the house starts whispering worse and worse. Paul 's mother fears that Paul seems led toward a mental breakdown, and she offers that he takes some time away at the seaside. Paul desperately wants to bet on the Derby race, and convinces his mother not to send him to the seaside till after the derby. Then, Paul moved the rocking horse into his bedroom. Two days previous the Derby, his parents are at party in town. The mother abruptly becomes worried about her son and calls the governess, who assures her everything is fine. After midnight, the parents return home. Paul 's mother hears that Paul is still on his rocking horse in his bedroom. The young boy collapses with a fever, as he is screaming, "Malabar!". Paul lies ill and comatose in his room for three days with his mother right by his side. While, Oscar and Bassett have bet on the racehorse, Malabar. Basset visits Paul on the third day and tells Paul that his bet succeed and that Malabar won. Paul has won over seventy thousand pounds on the horserace. Eventually, the excitement takes too much for him and he passed away that
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