Book Summary: Juan De Pareja

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The book I, Juan de Pareja took place during the 17th century in Spain, where Juan de Pareja was a slave. This was during the Renaissance where art was becoming more popular. Everyone at this time, then started to believe science and how everything works and focusing on themselves even more(humanism). Juan was enslaved for about 45 years but was then freed by his master Diego because he felt remorse he did not free him sooner. Another reason was that he developed sympathy and mutual affection for Juan and his master had an opportunity and a chance to free him from slavery . Juan was born into slavery and his mother, Zulema died when he was five years old and his mother never told him who his father was. He assumed that his father was a white…show more content…
Juan wanted to paint so badly but could not because it was illegal in Italy at the time for a slave to do anything involving art. So he decided to steal paint and paint in secret so his master would not find out. If anyone found out punishments were pretty severe and sometimes the punishments were as bad as being put to death. Before his master Velazquez inherited him Juan was treated very horribly and was abused, and the reason for this kind of treatment is because slaves are considered to be property with no rights. While Juan and Velazquez were developing over time, Juan’s master was developing a friendship with the King. It all began when wanted to get his picture painted and for someone who does not trust that easily he overtime began to trust Velazquez. Velazquez proved he was trustworthy by going to meet the rubbins, and as well Juan heeling king's beloved dog while on a hunting trip. He heals the dog with herbs and medicine for liver ailments and the dog then started to improve. The king was so pleased with what Juan did for his dog he gave him a bag of ducats. His master(Diego) was kind enough him for him to keep, this brought no joy to him because he was keeping a secret from him which he struggled
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