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Holes Summary Holes is a book by Louis Sachar. The story is about a young boy, Stanley Yelnats a single child from a family of three. He is accused of stealing a pair of sneakers from a famous Baseball player Clyde Livingston aka Sweet Feet and is sentenced to serve 18 months in a juvenile facility. Stanley received such a harsh sentence because the sneakers he was accused of stealing would have been auctioned for a hefty price and the money would have benefited homeless shelters. Before being the superstar he is today, Clyde was homeless that’s why he donated his shoes to help a homeless shelter. Stanley had the option to serve time in either a jail or camp Green Lake. His mom thought it would be a…show more content…
To discourage him from thinking of running away, Mr Sir tells him that the camp has the only water for miles and he’ll be buzzard meat by the time he finds a mud puddle. Stanley goes to his tent where he is introduced to other kids who have commited actual crimes such as stealing cars and dealing marijuana. Stanley feels like he doesn’t belong here, but that won’t change the fact that he must remain in the cam like the rest of them and dig holes for a long long time. On his first day of digging, he immediately thinks that he won’t be able to dig holes. However, weeks go by and Stanley is able to dig his holes. In addition, he realises that working hard outside has put him in shape and he wishes that all the kids’ that bullied him because of his weight, could see he was no longer overweight. Stanley makes new “friends” at the camp and everything is going much better than he expected. One day, one of his closest friends at camp, Zero is humiliated by one of the guards. Zero hits the guard with a shovel and runs away. Stanley overhears the counselors saying that they will delete Zero’s files and no one will ever know he

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