Book Summary: Prospero Vs. Mond

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Prospero vs Mond If we follow Mond’s story, we see a slight parallel with Watson: both eventually discover the inadequacies of the World State’s system. Because Mond was curious, he was discontented with society’s values, and thus experiments beyond what is socially acceptable. He does this through scientific experimentation: Such an act is considered a form of active rebellion against the society which prohibits any deviation from their norms, and like Watson, he is offered a choice to stay and give up his activities, or be exiled to an island. Unlike Watson, interestingly, he chooses to stay. However, it is by no means proof that he has internalized society’s values and goals. Contrarily, he still possesses “pornographic old books” like The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testament, The Imitation of Christ, The Varieties of Religious Experience by William James and plenty more, indicating that Mond is taking the route of compliance; fitting into the system and engaging in their activities, without internalizing them. Nevertheless, through his chapter-long conversation with John Savage, it is evident that Mond fully understands the reasons behind the World State’s social and normative structures: he not only can quote them, but explain their rationale when verbally sparring with John. The only feasible explanation for Mond’s behavior is is that he has understood the rationale behind the social system cultural hegemony, and has come to terms with the need for

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