Book Summary: Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry

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Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry The main events are that the Logan kids dig a hole in the middle of the road, so the bus can fall in, so they can get payback for getting them dirty. Then Uncle Hammer sold his car so they can get more money. Then Mrs. Logan got fired from her teaching job.Then the Seims brother hurt him but not Jermey. Last then Papa started a fire so the Grangers came to help out to put out the fire. The characters are L.T Morrison who has tall legs and he looked like a tree. Little man who doesn 't want to get dirty. Now lets talk anout the Grangers they are mean and rutless and hate the Logans. Mr. Jamison is kind and likes the Logans. Stacy wants to be like Papa and Uncle Hammer.These are the characters that are in the book/movie.
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