Book Summary: The Book Of Ivanhoe

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The book of Ivanhoe takes place in England during the Medieval Ages, right after King Richard the Lion Heart’s crusade to the Holy Land. The book’s plot is based around a love triangle between Ivanhoe, Rebecca and Rowena. The book ends with Ivanhoe marrying Rowena. Many people wonder if Ivanhoe married the correct person and who was the better person? Some believe that Ivanhoe did indeed marry the correct person, Rowena, however, Rebeca was the better person. Ivanhoe is the son of the Saxon Cedric who was disowned by his own father when he joined the northern King Richard the Lion Heart on his crusade to the Holy Land. Ivanhoe came back to England when the crusade was finished as an old bagger. His plan was to win the tournament and claim Rowena as his queen. Rowena was a young and pretty Saxon lady who was under the…show more content…
Ivanhoe was very fortunate during the tournament and won the rounds for the Saxons and even named Rowena the “queen of the tournament.” During the last round of the tournament Prince John allowed it to turn into a mini massacre/ battle and with all the Normans against poor Ivanhoe he was severely hurt. With help from King Richard Ivanhoe was able to win the tournament. Sadly, even with this victory Cedric would not help his wounded son. Rebecca quickly ran to his side and tended to his wounds. Rebecca and her father then traveled with Ivanhoe and found a safe passage with Cedric, not knowing that Ivanhoe was hiding in the Jews curate. Little did they know that Sir Brain de Bois- Guillbert, Sir Reginald Front-de-Boeuf and Maurice de Bracy, Norman soldiers planned to act as robbers and attack Cedric and Rowena. This was due to Prince John’s wishes that Murice de Bracy would wed Rowena. Murice planned the robbery so that he could save her and marry her. However, the robbers failed and the three knights captured

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