Analysis Of The Book Of Ivanhoe

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The book of Ivanhoe takes place in England during the Medieval Ages, right after King Richard the Lion Heart’s crusade to the Holy Land. The book’s plot is based around a love triangle between Ivanhoe, Rebecca and Rowena. The book ends with Ivanhoe marrying Rowena. Many people wonder if Ivanhoe married the correct person and who was the better person? Some believe that Ivanhoe did indeed marry the correct person, Rowena, however, Rebeca was the better person.
Ivanhoe is the son of the Saxon Cedric who was disowned by his own father when he joined the northern King Richard the Lion Heart on his crusade to the Holy Land. Ivanhoe came back to England when the crusade was finished as an old bagger. His plan was to win the tournament and claim
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The answer is simply that Rebecca is the better person and Ivanhoe did marry the right person. This is because Rebecca was Jewish and it would have brought dishonor upon her and Ivanhoe for she was neither Saxon nor Norman. Norman, as well as the issue of different religions. Rebecca proved herself to be the better person when she ignored her feelings for Ivanhoe and told Rowena, “Farewell; yet, ere I go, indulge me one request. The bridal veil hangs over thy face; deign to raise it, and let me see the features of which fame speaks so highly.” (Ivanhoe pg. 518) Although, Rebecca has been proven to be the better person, Rowena, on the other hand was not. Sir Walter Scott demonstrated Rowena as a spoiled lady. Sir Walter Scott showed her true character as he wrote, when Rowena entered the apartment Scott wrote, “All stood up to receive her; and replying to their courtesy by a mere gesture of salutation.” Rowena’s love wavered when Sir DeBrancy was trying to marry her. However, Ivanhoe chose correctly for he had known Rowena ever since he was little. Rowena also was of the same faith as Ivanhoe and was Saxon unlike Rebecca. In conclusionn, Rebecca was clearly the better person in the book by her acceptance of Ivanhoe’s love for Rowena, which never wavered. Ivanhoe was right to marry Rowena, for their marriage was a simple harmony where as Rebecca’s and his marriage would have brought
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