Book Summary: The Glass Castle

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The Glass Castle journal #2 4.12.17 The next part in the story is when the family starts to escape and run away from all of their problems. I read pages seventeen to forty seven. We meet their grandmother and the rest of the family is all mentioned in the section. We figure out that the people that are chasing them are the “Bill Collectors” and they are trying to run away from them. The conflict in the story is that when the Walls meet up at their grandmother’s house and their dad gets in a lot of verbal fights with her. Another conflict is that they are running away from the government. The Walls were traveling because there dad (even though he was really smart) did not keep jobs well, so they moved and tried to find gold. Their dad…show more content…
I read pages forty- eight to one hundred and twenty-one. The new characters that were introduced included Ginger (Rex’s friend), Billy Deel, and the rest of the Walls family. The Walls family moves to Battle Mountain and they bought a piano, for it sat outside because it was too big to put in the house. Jeannette starts a rock collection from all of the rocks she finds in the desert and she sells them at very high prices. Jeannette and her brother Brian find a new playing spot in a shack and they accidentally burn it down. I think this book is banned because the children are trapped in the burning shack and the dad does not punish them and he makes sure that no one knows that it is them who set the fire. Also it is not safe for them to be playing with fire, but their father thinks that it is fine. Jeannette’s father, Rex, also taught her how to swim and he taught her by just throwing her into the water and letting her drown. Jeannette was scared and did not understand the concept of this and she started loosing trust in her father. Also the kids are starting to starve and they have to search for food in the trashcans of the schools. Since money is low, their mother got a teaching job at the school for extra money. She hates it and would rather be painting instead of teaching, for the kids have to drag her out of the bed in the mornings. The family tries to hide the money from their father and they get caught
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