Book Summary: The Lost Ways By Claude Davis

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The Lost Ways By Claude Davis The lost ways by Claude Davis is a book that will help you understand ways to survive in times of catastrophe like war, economic decline and natural disasters. The aim of the book is to prepare you on how to handle catastrophes by equipping you with knowledge and a variety of methods that were put into use by ancient men. From the author’s perspective, Americans are presently changing for the worst; the solutions provided by the current technology are making people complacent. In the Lost Ways, Claude further explains that such alternatives have made life quite easy and comfortable to an extent that individuals have no clues on how to handle calamities. For that reason, the Lost Ways by Claude Davis stresses…show more content…
This part, the Lost Ways book goes into detail on what a specific group of persons –who wandered the West-, did to avoid exhausting the supply of bullets. - Several ways of using the ingredients recommended by native American scouts to make a nutritious meal. - An in-depth guide on how to construct underground houses like the America natives. Above are some of the many topics Claude Davis has discussed in his book the Lost Ways, to assist humans in learning survival techniques. Simply, Davis thinks it’s time for Americans to look back and discover ways that their ancestors used to handle different hardships and challenges in their surroundings. Important lessons From the Lost Ways by Claude Davis In the current times, there is a developing demand for survival skills. To satisfy this demand, Claude came with one of the most detailed guidelines that will aid you to master a wide range of survival skills by imitating our ancestors. During the entire review of the Lost Ways Book, you will learn ways of equipping yourself with traditional survival techniques. The book is a blend of vital and beneficial tips that Americans can use to survive today's challenges be it natural or man-made
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