Book Summary: The Lovely Bones

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In the book ¨The Lovely Bones¨ there 's a young girl named Susie Salmon. The character Susie Salmon was murdered at the age 14 by a serial killer named Mr. Harvey. After Susie is murdered she is stuck in a world full of Mr. Harvey 's victims. In the world she watches back at earth of the life she could have lived while she 's learning how to let go of it. In the movie there were scenes that weren 't shown from the book. The book talked about there being a memorial for susie and in the movie there wasn 't one. In the book Susie and Ray skipped class in the auditorium and in the movie they stood by Susie´s locker.The movie showed when Susie reached out to Ruth, when she ran into her in the street. In the book Susie reached out to her father

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