Book Summary: The Mortal Instruments City Of Bones

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My book that i 'm reading is called the Mortal Instruments city of bones. It 's about this human girl who finds herself thrust into the world of demons,werewolves,vampires and warlocks. She finds out that she ain 't just a regular human she is actually descendent of a family that was once wealthy and noble among the demon hunter world. She is also the first half human or mundane that had the seeing power to see demons and other world creatures.

Cleary is my main character who thinks she is just a normal person with normal friends and normal experiences. One night she starts drawing weird symbols all over her room and she can 't remember why she is drawing them. One night when she and her friend simon end up a this nightclub she witnesses this 3 teenagers murder another person and she is the only one who can see them so she thought she was going insane but then couple of days later she sees the boy again. Again she is the only one who can see him and she finally confronts him and she learns his name is jace and he is a demon hunter and that the boy they killed at the club that night was infact a demon. He tells her to go with him to their HQ to speak to their mentor but then she suddenly gets a call from her mom telling her not to come home and she realises something is
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The part in my book that cleary becomes the hero/villain of my book is when they storm valentines mansion with the help of luke her moms boyfriend who is the leader of a pack of werewolves valentine who is the main villain in my book is the person that has clearys mom and the person that took jace so cleary decides to get them back even though she isn 't a shadow hunter yet and when she gets there and finally confronts valentine jace is there but he isn 't himself his mind poisoned by valentine thinks that him and cleary are sisters and that valentine where their father and by the time luke fights of valentine 's guards and gets up to the room cleary fought off valentine and got jace back to
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