Book Summary: The Once And Future King

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Book Journal One Prompt: What is happening with the plot of your story? Has the author used foreshadowing so you were able to predict the next events or have you been surprised? The Once and Future King takes place in the medieval ages, with knights and kings and so forth. The two main characters are Wart (Wart is his nickname) and Kay. Kay is training to be a knight and Wart will be his squire. Now that introductions are out of the way, here is book journal one. In the beginning of the book it is the harvest, and Kay and Wart are helping to harvest hay. There is a storm approaching, and when it hits everybody has to take shelter. Then the boys go back into the castle. Soon the storm clears up and Wart wants to go out hunting, with a hawk. Kay agrees and they go out hunting. But since the hawk is not ready to go out to hunt the hawk flies up into the trees and evades both Kay and Wart. Kay storms back to the castle, mad at himself for making that mistake, and Wart stays to look for the hawk. Wart has to spend the night in the forest but soon the next he finds Merlyn, who looks extremely old. Wart did not know he was there, of course. Merlyn walks off into the forest and Wart follows, I think just because he does not have anything else to do and Merlyn seems kind. Merlyn is interesting, to say the least. Basically, Merlyn was born backwards in time, has all sorts of stuff…show more content…
He seems fine with this, for reasons unknown. I can infer that this cave is nice for some reason, maybe it is a magical cave, and maybe time passes slower. There is also some foreshadowing when Robin Hood joins the boar hunt, because he is the best hunter there and I can guess that he will play a major role in the hunt. As for most of this quarter of the book, there is really no foreshadowing, I was quite shocked when Wart happened upon
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