Book Summary: The Power Of A Coach

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“Sports are a tool to learn life’s great lessons” or “a coach 's job is to learn how to love his/her athlete equally” are great examples/ goals to achieve, but sometimes these are the hardest things to do and it doesn’t work out as well as you expect it to be. Some athlete seriously considers to quit a sport that they are really talented in and could make a living out of, because of their most closest people like their parents or coaches.
While I was reading through “The Power of a Coach” section of the book what I noticed was that some of the events that happened in the book, happened to me and my close friends as well. Some of the events happened during my soccer practices and some happened to me during track practices. The first time I felt a connection while I was reading this book was when the author was talking about the genders and how it can affect the athlete and the sports environment and how the coach said these discouraging yet words or behavior that a coach shouldn 't do . One of my senior teammates in my track team had a friend in a nearby town that was suffering from the coach trying to “teach her” how to run and pace herself, but he was a little too touchy with her on her arms and legs and she felt uncomfortable, and because of this everybody started to avoid the coach and the practices. This really upset me because first, if the
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The Power of a Coach, really helped me focus on my goals as an athlete and how to act towards my coach with respect. And this really made me go think again about how my teammates are such good people and we always care for each other than fight or blame each other for losing a game and how we rely on each other as well as we rely on the our coach. The book really taught me how hard it is to coach a whole bunch of kids and try to help them succeed in this sports and keep them together and united, so this is a very inspirational book to read when you are having trouble with your coach, teammate, or family related to
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