Book Summary: The Red Tree

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The Red Tree I think the ending was great because how it ended back in her bedroom. This made it great because in the beginning her room was filled with all the brown leaves. These brown leaves were all the things she hated about herself. Now when she comes back they have transformed to red because red was her happiness. She went out in the morning all sad and all brown on the inside then she comes home red with her heart being full. The page that I found powerful was the one where she was trapped in a bottle. I found this page powerful because it shows you how much darkness can really takeover. Because when she’s trapped in the bottle she has nowhere to go, she has very limited space. The bottle is the darkness because it has trapped her.The darkness is basically mocking her,at the top of the bottle there is an…show more content…
You could tell if the main character was sad or happy by looking at her face. When the main character’s face was hunched and looking down with a frown you could tell she was all sad and bitter. The colours helped as well when it was all dark obviously she was miserable. Her favourite colour is red so whenever the page was bright or red we knew that she wasn’t as sad as before and was getting happier. I think the overall message of this book is to show people how bad depression can be and how bullying causes it. It’s sending people the message to stop bullying because it can end up leading to depression which can then lead to suicide. Just imagine being trapped every single day, not being able to talk to people because you only have “one red leaf.” That one thing you like about yourself is about to go away as well, so you completely hate yourself. Then it gets worse and worse, so you start to question why you are living. That would be terrible. I think the author’s message couldn’t have been clearer. By: Ravjot
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