Book Summary: The Shack By W. M. Young

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The Shack, written by WM. Paul Young is an extraordinary novel. I admire what Mr. Young has done with this book. The intense characters he has created, the engaging ideas presented and the description of the events are all so surreal. One of the best parts about this book is the theology. This book that Mr. Young has written is about a man finding his way back to God after his daughter was kidnapped and murdered. Though some people think God to be an old white man with a beard in the sky, that is not at all what Young has portrayed God as. It seems as if he has done a very thorough job of researching God’s character and who he is. Another aspect I really liked was the main character, Mackenzie’s daughter. She was a sweet young girl with a personality and character that could melt any heart. Though there are countless wonders in this book, some areas could still use some work. For instance, right after Mackenzie’s daughter dies, the description goes downhill for a while and the intensity just drops, leaving the reader struggling to continue. After a chapter of this dull writing, Young picks up his description and storytelling once again. After reading this horrific story of a man losing his daughter, it seems to me, difficult to find a way to connect to the events and…show more content…
Though some may see this as an overwhelm of people to keep up with, Mr. Young does a good job of making sure it is not. The main character in this book is a man named Mackenzie Allen Phillips. He is a man with sound character and a loving heart, but after his daughter dies, Mack’s attitude changes. His heart hardens and his love subsides. This change in Mack’s character really gets to me. After seeing his character before the death of his beloved daughter Missy, it's hard to read about is Great Depression as he calls it. But through all the pain and learning and loving, Mack is able to regain his old character and even improve

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